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Tile and Grout Cleaning

At ReNew Steam Clean, we realize how much you love to clean dirty tile & grout...

...all kidding aside!  Like most of us, you probably hate cleaning tile and grout or you might not be aware that it periodically needs to be cleaned and resealed to maintain that new look.  We will do the hard part for you.  We have the proper cleaning agents, equipment and training to give that "ReNewed" life back to your tile and grout.


This is our tile and grout cleaning process...


  • Inspection - We will evaluate the condition of your floor and point out any damaged or broken areas.  Then give you an idea of expected results.


  • Dry Soil Removal - Next we will thoroughly sweep or vacuum your entire floor that we are to clean.

  • Pre-Spray - Next we apply a specially designed tile and grout cleaning agent to help loosen the embedded soil.


  • Agitation - Now we will use a grout brush or a special agitation machine to scrub all grout joints to further loosen the soil.


  • Pressure Wash and Extract - Using our specially designed hard surface tools we will pressure wash your floor. No worries the pressured water is self contained and will stay on your floor only. 


  • Dry - The floor is then dried using turbo dryers.

  • Post Inspection - We now will inspect floor results.

  • Seal - Lastly, we will seal your grout using a high quality grout sealer.  This service is optional, but highly recommended.

Let us "ReNew" your tile and grout today!  (770) 906-4422

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