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Area Rugs

At ReNew Steam Clean we take great pride in cleaning carpet and tile, but we are also great area rug cleaners. Whether your area rugs were hand made by artisans’ years ago or are machine made, they can all have a great value to you. We handle all your area rugs with the greatest of care and treat each one individually with the respect they deserve.

In cleaning your area rugs, we first determine the type of rug you have.  This involves a close examination of the weave, backing, dye types, age and general condition.  This allows us to make a proper decision on the recommendation for the best cleaning solutions and methods.  Most area rugs can be cleaned on-site, but some may require special cleaning in an off-site facility.  Pick up and delivery are included.


Let us "ReNew" your rugs today!  (770) 906-4422

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