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Andrew did an awesome job with our carpets and tile.  He was very easy to work with.  He responded in time to texts and emails.  Highly recommend!!

                                                        Christy N.

I had Andrew out to clean carpets for a commercial client.  Andrew was able to restore the carpets.  He is definitely my guy and I will keep calling him.  I highly recommend this company!

                                                       Stephen W.

Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and professional with his services.  He has done amazing work on two different properties with lots of dog stain issues!

                                                       Richard R.

Andrew was great!  He did a thorough job cleaning by carpets throughout my home.  He also cleaned an area rug (damaged by dog urine) and it came back like odors, and oh so very soft!   

                                                       Frances F.

I wish every carpet cleaning company did as good a job as they did!  I had urine and a few different dark stains on my carpet.  He made them look brand new!  I really recommend these guys.


I have 2 cats and 1 dog, and my home is only four years old and I am the second owner...until Andrew came by to clean my wall to wall carpeting, which hasn't seen anything other than a vacuum and some woolite for spot cleaning...Needless to say, my floors were well over due for a professional cleaning.

Andrew came by, set up shop, helped to move stuff around and busted his back for 5 hours straight to make my floors look and feel like they were new again!  He made sure even the toughest stains were removed before quitting!

In short, he did an above and beyond job at cleaning my floors.  That was weeks ago and my air quality is still showing the results.

I couldn't be more happy with his labor as well as his cost.  You just can't afford NOT to hire Andrew to professionally clean your floors, he is SO affordable, knowledgeable and amazing at what he does for the cost it's just silly.

Thank you tons Andrew, I'll be using you again when the time calls             2 thumbs up!  And 5 stars all the way!!


                                                    David B.

Andrew Ricks did an amazing job with my carpets.  I have two dogs and they made a mess that ordinary cleaning would not resolve.  Andrew came to my home, performed a thorough assessment of the condition, and assured me he would take care of everything.  Sure enough he exceeded my expectations in every way.  My carpets were cleaner than I had ever seen them.  Andrew is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, efficient, affordable, and truly an expert in his field.  I highly recommend Andrew Ricks for any floor cleaning and will be using him again and again.


                                                                                                                    Douglas L.