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Carpet Cleaning

Andrew did an outstanding job cleaning our carpet.  He is very thorough and a true professional.  I would highly recommend his services!

                              Micci N.

Why Carpet Cleaning Is Good For You and Your Carpet

Carpet is the largest filter in your house.  The typical carpet is loaded with allergens, bacteria, and carpet mites.  And those are just the things you can’t see.  Regular vacuuming helps to keep your carpet clean, but it’s not enough.  It’s important to have your carpets professionally cleaned whenever there is an accident to remove dirt and stains before they set within the carpet fibers and the padding.  Many store-bought cleaners leave an oily residue that can make stains worse over time.  Your carpets also need periodic cleaning to remove dust, fleas, mites, dead skin, pet fur, and dander.

How Often Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned?

Carpet manufacturers and The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least two times a year or more depending on how much punishment your carpet receives from children, pets, dirt, stains, and foot traffic.

What is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

Carpet manufacturers and carpeting trade organizations, such as the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), recommend the steam extraction method because it gets the deep down dirt that other methods leave behind.

How Does Steam Extraction Work?

The process involves injecting steam and specially formulated cleaning agents deep into carpet fibers, loosening dirt, pollutants and allergens.  The cleaning agents that we use are biodegradable and non-toxic.  They are safe to use around kids, the elderly, asthma, and allergy sufferers, houseplants, and pets.

The dirt, cleaning agents and more than 94% of the water is then removed with our powerful state-of-the-art truck mounted system.  This process is effective at removing dust mites, allergens, and stains and neutralizing odors, including pet odors.  Your carpet dries fast so you can start enjoying your clean carpet right away.


Our Carpet Cleaning 12-Step Process


Step 1: Inspection - Inspection to identify soiling conditions, carpet construction, and potential permanent stains.

Step 2: Vacuum - The carpet is vacuumed with a commercial vacuum to remove bonded, insoluble dry soil.

Step 3: Furniture Moving - Sofas, chairs and tables will be carefully moved. Larger pieces, such as beds and dressers are left in place under our regular pricing structure.  Furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and tabs.

Step 4: Pre-Spot - Certain spots are pre-treated for maximum removal.

Step 5: Pre-Spray - Traffic areas are pre-treated with a biodegradable traffic lane treatment.

Step 6: Agitation - The carpet will be pre-groomed with a carpet groomer or rotary cleaning machine (depending on soil level) to further loosen traffic area soil.

Step 7: Extract and Rinse - Once the soil has been loosened, our state-of-the-art, truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile.  Pressure and heat are regulated to prevent the carpet from being over-wet.

Step 8: Neutralizer - The pH is balanced on every carpet and fabric cleaned.  This is one of the most important steps according to the manufacturers of carpet.  It is accomplished during the extract & rinse process or a post spray will be applied.

Step 9: Post Spot Treatment - Potential permanent stains, as identified, may not be removed.

Step 10: Post Groom - The carpet pile is set in one direction to aid the drying process.

Step 11: Speed Dry - High velocity air movers are placed on the carpet to lessen the drying time.

Step 12: Post Cleaning Inspection - Our technician will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results and make sure that you are completely thrilled with the job.


Call us today to get your carpets "ReNewed"!   (770) 906-4422

Andrew did a GREAT job steam cleaning our carpets.  Efficient and thorough!  He even worked a deal in to steam clean my area rugs and car seats.  Couldn't be happier!  Thanks Andrew!

                            Emily R.

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